Niki Judith Borger is an actress, dancer, and model, representing conscious living and empowering art. She started her professional career as an international Salsa dancer, before performing in musical theater and then in film. In addition to her artistic career, she has a Master’s degree in political science and administration, as well as numerous certificates in coaching, NLP, Energy Work and others.

Born and raised on the German countryside, Niki grew up in a very down to earth, conservative setting. This pattern was interrupted, when she discovered her joy for traveling and learning different languages. By the age of 20, she was fluent in German, English, French and Spanish, allowing her extensive stays abroad, including New Zealand, Hungary, Ecuador, France, and the US.

“There are no limits but those in your head” – is the tagline to Niki’s life today. Lack of 3D depth perception, asthma and allergies couldn’t keep her from pursuing a career as a musical theater actress. Her traditional family background didn’t stop her from making it all the way to Hollywood. And having suffered from an abusive marriage doesn’t keep her from living life from the heart.

Niki’s persistence in fighting for her goals, as well as her humorous, charming way of dealing with obstacles, make her an inspirational force for a new way of living. And her long list of intense life experiences make her a highly interesting, versatile and touching actress on screen.