Niki Judith Borger


Height: 5’8”  |  Eyes: blue  |  Hair: long, blonde  |  Body: lean, athletic  |  Size: 2-4

Film (partial list)

The Angel of Once (short)

The Sister Detectives (short)

Ambush (short)

The Backlot (short)

The Witching Tree (short)

The Rose (short)

Forever in my Heart (short)

Sweet Summer Child (short)

Tape Recorder (short)

A day like any other

Angel – Lead

Dante – Lead

Jennifer – Lead

Ghost – Lead

Witch – Lead

Girlfriend – Lead

Sarah – Lead

Dana – Lead

Sophie – Lead

Lena – Lead

Dir. Anas Fairaq

Dir. Eric Alt

Dir. Matt Coulson

Dir. Wilmer Diaz

Dir. Shelby Jones

Dir. Yuqi Zhao

Dir. Dulce Sosa

Dir. Nick Forbush

Dir. Janine Laatsch & Jannis Lippisch

Federal Center for Health Education

Stage (partial list)

The Child and the War

Ursula – Lead

teatr.doc (Moscow), Ivana Franco National Theater (Kiev), Alte Feuerwache (Cologne)

The Jubilee Gala of Musical

The Great Christmas Show

Line 1

Monday Nights

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The Invisibles

Soloist, Ensemble

Musical Ensemble

Musical Ensemble

Soloist, Ensemble

Bäsle – Lead

Mother – Lead

Maggie – Supporting

First Stage Theater (Hamburg)

First Stage Theater (Hamburg)

First Stage Theater (Hamburg)

First Stage Theater (Hamburg)

Palace Theater (Schwetzingen)

Sandkorn Theater (Karlsruhe)

Sandkorn Theater (Karlsruhe)

Education & Training

Interpretation with Thomas Borchert

Acting for Film with Melissa Sullivan

Great Performances with Camilia Monet

Improvisation with Suzanne Kent

Technique & Scene Study with Andrew Eisenman

Accent Reduction with Cle Thompson

Technique & Scene Study with Dig Wayne

Vocal Freedom with Stephan Sieveking

Method Acting with Herbert Trattnigg

Stage Combat with Christian Kiesinger

Introduction to Meissner with Nick Landry

Speaking and Narrating with Christina Pfannkuch

Awards & Nominations (partial list)

Cult Critic Movie Awards – Best Actress (A Portrayal of a Subtle Suicide)

White Unicorn International Film Festival – Best Actress (A Portrayal of a Subtle Suicide)

L’Age D’Or International Arthouse Film Festival – Best Mobile Short (Because I could)


German (native), French (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Musical Theater Actress, Dance Teacher, Choreographer, Salsa, Tango, Ballroom Dance, Ballet, Jazz Dance, Broadway Jazz, Fosse, Tap, Singing (legit, speech), Voiceover, Modelling (runway, print), Stage Fighting, Stage Fencing, Kendo, Piano, Skiing, Driving (automatic, stick shift), Business & Life Coach, Public Speaking, Teaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Energy Work

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